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Flatiron School's Commitment
to Student Outcomes

Since 2012, we've led the
industry in outcomes.


Students employed
< 180 days after graduation


Students accepted software engineering roles

And produce results students
can trust.


Flatiron School's Jobs Report is leading by example.


Ultimately, the numbers matter more than anything.


Flatiron is the only school to have released third-party verified and audited results.

Education used to be the best investment one could make.
It can be again.

Employment Rate Average Salary Avg Time to Complete Average Cost
4 year college
Flatiron NYC
Flatiron Online
Average Salary Average Cost
College $50,6511 $62,5562
Flatiron NYC $74,447 $12,427
Flatiron Online $67,607 $5,601

We follow the White
House reporting standard.

In 2015, the leading coding bootcamps signed a pledge to President Obama to report job outcomes according to rigorous, White House-approved criteria. Flatiron has been the only school to abide by these standards from the outset.

Among the top bootcamps, Flatiron has been the only school to abide by White House-approved outcomes standards from the outset.

See our outcomes history


Invented outcomes reporting; 99% of students hired.

We set the bar for bootcamp outcomes reporting, releasing the industry’s first job placement audit to verify our 99% employment rate.


Pledged accountability to White House – and followed through.

Along with nine other bootcamps, Flatiron established the strictest outcomes reporting framework for President Obama’s TechHire initiative – and was the only school to fully live up to these standards.


Continued push for transparency with second outcomes report.

We published our second annual Outcomes Report – and remained the only bootcamp to independently verify our findings: a 98% employment rate.


Published outcomes for our online grads.

It turns out, online education can work. Our Online Outcomes Report shows that our remote students – who tackled our curriculum at their own pace across the globe – are just as successful as our NYC graduates.

Our students go through incredible career transformations.

Our students change their lives.

I thought Flatiron School would be the way to build on my knowledge to become a more legitimate developer. And that’s exactly what it did.

Justin Kestler

Editor-in-Chief, SparkNotes → Software Engineer, New York Times

Flatiron showed me that technology is about innovation and passion, and I’ll be forever thankful for that. It helped me look at this industry in a completely new way.

Basar Akyelli

Electronic Discovery Manager, Deloitte → Product Manager, Google

I am extremely passionate about what I do. I work in Cloud operations, a relatively new field using cutting-edge technologies and I am challenged every day... in a good way!

Natacha Springer

Biotech Engineer → Cloud Operations Engineer, Kickstarter

And thrive at top companies.

The skills I've been learning at Flatiron have undoubtedly heightened my understanding and perspective of how the world functions... I now have the ability to really comprehend and actually build what I see.

Steve Koltz

Research Assistant → Software Engineer, Spotify

I knew I had stumbled on a goldmine. Here was an opportunity to be challenged, pushed, and prodded to be the best programmer possible.

Christine Beaubrun

Fine Arts Major → Cloud Software Engineer, Intel

If you like puzzles, want to change your life, consume and be consumed by code, and… learn with the greatest efficiency you ever have in your life, go to Flatiron School.

Chris Guthrie

Stock Trader → VP, Software Engineering Blackrock

To the students and companies who work with us to redefine education:

Thank You.

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Our students learn what it takes
to get hired – you can, too.

Our students learn
what it takes to get
hired – you can, too.

We ensure that our students approach the job search as passionately as their studies with our proven job search framework, the Career Services Commitment. Every student who has followed these guidelines has been hired - and now you can use them in your own search.

We ensure that our students approach the job search as passionately as their studies. Now you can learn the same practices that get them hired.